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Joining us today is Susanne Matthews...

The Harvester is out there...watching, waiting, biding his time.

FBI cult specialist Lilith Munroe lives in dread that one day the man who tortured her when a case went bad will find her again. So leaving her sanctuary in Quantico to join the Harvester Task Force in Boston is her version of hell. But the Harvester is kidnapping babies, and Lilith's profiling skills may mean the difference between life and death for the most innocent in society.

Australian millionaire and former member of the New Horizon commune Jacob Andrews returns to the United States searching for his sister. Instead of the happy reunion he expects, he discovers she is dead and his twin brother may be responsible. He agrees to lend his law enforcement skills to help find his former cult leader before the man can implement his plan to kill millions.

Now uneasy partners, Jacob and Lilith must learn to trust each other even as they fight their growing attraction. But when Lilith's greatest fears materialize, will Jacob be able to set aside his anger and save the woman he loves?

Lilith wasn’t sure where to begin. Not only was she not a field agent, she sucked at asking and answering questions. To make matters worse, in cases like this, she either prattled on like some dimwit or clammed up. Build a rapport with him? What the hell was Trevor thinking?
“I’m very sorry for your loss,” she said, forcing her gaze away from his. “Detective Halliday feels terrible for breaking the news to you the way he did, but the last year and a half have been difficult ones for him and the rest of the department. I’ve only been with the task force a week. They’re really a very dedicated group. I’m working a related case ... well, we think it’s related ...” God, kill me now.
She exhaled, trying to pull herself together. “I’m sorry. What is it you’d like to know?”
“Relax, Agent Munroe. I’m not angry. I simply want to know what Detective Halliday was alluding to when he said my brothers might have murdered my sister.”
She bit the inside of her cheek, trying to gather her thoughts. If he kept looking at her like that, she’d be squirming like a live bug on a microscope slide in no time.
“I guess I might as well give you the rest of the bad news first. Eloise’s brother, James, is dead, too. Apparently, you look a lot like him. That’s one of the reasons the agents and detectives acted the way they did—they thought you were another brother. The other reason for their zealousness was probably my fault. I suggested the Harvester might come to collect the bodies, and you showed up asking for her.”
He hung his head, as if she’d dealt him another blow. Lilith realized what she’d said and smothered a groan. If James Colchester was Eloise’s brother, then he was Jacob’s brother, too. Way to go, Munroe. Aren’t you Miss Empathy?
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to blurt it out like that.” Had they been close once? Jacob looked up, and the sadness in his eyes spoke for itself, adding to her own misery. What had she been thinking? She was just making everything worse.
“James was my twin brother—fraternal, not identical. I haven’t seen him in eighteen years. The last time I saw him, we were the same height, but he was a lot thinner than me and wore his hair longer. It was darker than mine, and his eyes were a deeper shade of blue. It’s quite possible we resemble one another more now that we’re older.”
Unable to stop herself, Lilith stared into Jacob’s eyes, gorgeous turquoise pools, unlike any eyes she’d ever seen before. She’d gladly drown in them. She blinked. Where the hell had that come from? There wasn’t any room in her life for a man, let alone one who lived more than half the world away and might still be involved in this case. That came close to breaking the rules, and for the last five years, she’d made sure not to bend, let alone break, one.
“Why does the detective think James had Eloise killed?” he asked, yanking her back.
She swallowed. “It’s complicated, and really, because of the way things have turned out, we have no proof he had anything to do with it or even knew about it. James was killed in a raid to rescue four of the eight women he stalked, drugged, raped, and kidnapped.”
“Bloody hell!” The words shot out of his mouth. He ran his hand through his hair. “Eloise mentioned he was up to no good, but I’d never have imagined that. Kidnapping? Rape? James? No, that’s just not possible. You must be mistaken.”

“No mistake. We have witnesses.”

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Susanne Matthews was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. She’s always been an avid reader of all types of books, but with a penchant for happily ever after romances. In her imagination, she travelled to foreign lands, past and present, and soared into the future. A retired educator, Susanne spends her time writing and creating adventures for her readers. She loves the ins and outs of romance, and the complex journey it takes to get from the first word to the last period of a novel. As she writes, her characters take on a life of their own, and she shares their fears and agonies on the road to self-discovery and love.

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