Capture My Hart: Hart Brothers 3

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Beckett Hart, a sought after interior designer, had given his heart to a woman only hours after meeting her. She’d walked out on him, leaving his heart broken. He vowed to never love another woman. He’d thought he’d gotten over her but seeing her again four years later brought the hurt and anguish to the surface.

Allyson Hadley fell in love with him in just one night. But she knew that night wouldn’t last. She’d left him high and dry. Seeing him again sends her emotions into a tailspin. The previous four years left her scarred, mentally and physically.

Can Beckett put his emotions aside for the woman who’d hurt him? And will their reunion be their happily ever after?
“Thank you for meeting me today, Mr. Hart,” Mr. Hadley began. “I’m only going to be able to stay for about an hour. I have an appointment I can’t miss. My kid, Al, will take over. Al has a good eye for design.”
This wouldn’t be a typical meeting. Most clients stayed for the whole sales pitch. But Beckett was a professional and could handle Al. He’d just hit Mr. Hadley with all the pertinent information before the older man left.
Beckett turned toward the building. “Shall we step inside and begin? I’ve brought plans that include the expansion.”
Mr. Hadley pulled a key chain from his pocket. “By all means.”
The hour passed quickly. Beckett managed to show the whole plan to Mr. Hadley, whoseemed genuinely impressed.
Now, Beckett laid out his design boards on the diner’s counter top. It would make outlining his ideas for Al much easier.
He glanced around the room. The current décor had been classic 1950’s diner. Red and white. Signs on the walls. Poor, yellow, incandescent lights. The interior had seen its share of better days. The linoleum flooring bore scars and wear marks. The trim on the tables was falling off. The red booth seating was worn and torn.
He’d change all that.
The bell over the door jingled, and Beckett spun around to see who, he assumed, was Al. “You must…” He froze where he was, completely thunderstruck.
The person standing before him had shoulder length, light auburn hair. A long-sleeved cardigan sweater, with what he thought was a tank top, hugged a curving torso and full breasts. Form-fitting jeans framed luscious hips, a small waist, and long legs.
Al, it turned out, was short for Allyson.

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