Rekindled Heat: The Aphrodite Chronicles: Story Two

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She had loved and lost…and gained. 

Drea Tate had loved once. One night shattered her world. Left alone and pregnant, Drea moved to Second Chance, Pennsylvania and began a new life for her and her son. 

Bail Enforcement Agent Micah Bridges lands the opportunity to score some quick money catching a bail jumper in a sleepy town in Pennsylvania. Little did he know that he’d find the woman he’d loved…and a son he didn’t know had existed.

Excerpt One
Five Years Ago
The Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania

He collapsed next to her, his body sated. The breath sawed in and out of his lungs.
“We have to stop meeting like this,” she purred.
He rolled onto his side, leaned on his elbow, and rested his head in his palm. Her body glowed in the firelight. His breath caught in his throat, and he stared for a few moments before he spoke. “Never. Soon, we’ll be able to meet like this as often as we want.”
“You’ll be alpha of your pack.”
“Not quick enough. I want every day and night with you. To make love to you whenever the mood strikes.”
She laughed, the sound husky and alluring. It lightened his heart. He’d known her for six months and was head over heels in love with her.
Which posed a problem. But only a temporary one.
After completion of the first change from man to wolf, he’d take over leadership of his pack from his father, who was a traditionalist.
At the moment, mixed matings were taboo. A lycanthrope, or lycan, had to mate with another lycan. A lycan and a fae joining would be unheard of.
But that would change as soon as he reigned. She would lead by his side. As his mate.
He considered himself a visionary. He’d move the Bridges Pack from the twentieth century to the twenty-first. Gone would be the “same old shit, different day” bull crap. Lycans would be free to mate with whom they chose, find employment outside of pack-owned establishments, or even leave to live their lives as they saw fit. He’d be the alpha, but he wouldn’t control anyone.
A slow grin spread across his face. So much would change.
She, too, rolled onto her side. “Penny for your thoughts?”
His fae was stunning. Long, straight, black hair hung around past her shoulders, draping over her breasts and brushing her flat stomach. One hand rested on delicately flaring hips.
Yet, it was her face that had captured him. Wide, vivid, violet eyes took center stage. A pert, turned up nose drew his attention to lips still swollen from his kisses. Her features were perfectly suited to her heart-shaped face.
Everything about her was flawless.
And soon, she’d be his. Always. Forever.
There wasn’t anything anyone could do to change his mind. They’d have to kill him first.

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